the doctor comes to you

Usually Within A Few Hours Of Your Call
No Waiting Rooms

Our doctors will travel to your home for specific problems or follow-up appointments. Our services are available for children, adults as well as seniors.

In Your Home

From 8 in the morning, our doctors offer most services provided at private clinics, in the comfort of your home.

Tourist Or Business

See a doctor while on vacation or on a business trip. Have a doctor come directly to your hotel or office.

Our Doctors

Our doctors are members of the Collège des médecins du Québec.

    Doctor Catherine Thomas-Guy, M.D

    Doctor and new owner of 514-Docteur clinic, House Call Doctors

    A graduate of the University of Sherbrooke, Doctor Thomas-Guy has been a licensed family doctor for nearly 20 years.  She has practiced in hospitals, palliative care wards, in long-term healthcare facilities and in Local Community Service Centres (CLSC) as well as in walk-in clinics.  For the past 12 years, she has committed her entire practice to patients of 514-DOCTEUR, a private medical clinic specializing in house calls.  In 2015, she became the owner of 514-DOCTEUR.

        Dr Tommy Aumond-Beaupré


        Dr Tommy Aumond-Beaupré obtained his Medical degree from the University of Montreal in 2008, continuing his residency at the same institution and completed a Health Care Fellowship at McGill University. During his career, Dr. Beaupré has practiced in hospitals, CLSCs and provided house call medical consultations.


          no annual fees
          no fee for opening a file

          Our services are not covered by the Regie D'Assurance Maladie du Quebec
          Our doctors are non-participating physicians of the Regie D'Assurance Maladie du Quebec.
          The doctor will give you a receipt for tax purposes
          Starting From
          Monday to Friday
          Our doctors operate throughout the Greater Montreal Area, starting at $275 for Central Montreal on weekdays.
          The doctor will give you a receipt for tax purposes.
          Additional Fees
          $50 +
          Extra fees apply for other neighborhoods and regions, as well as for filling out forms.
          Payable by cash, as well as the following cards:

          Areas Of Operation